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Nutrition Past and Future

Who are you? Why should I listen to you? What exactly are your credentials? I can’t evaluate your material without this information.

It was not a mere oversight that I left my name off of all my material. I have made the choice to remain anonymous. Since I don’t make money or personally benefit from this project there is no incentive for me to expose myself to all the negativity that would surely follow a disclosure of my identity (I have received more than enough flak as it is). I make no money from defending veganism and I never have. I have no affiliation with any animal rights organization. Not only have I provided you with references for everything I say, I have shown you actual pictures and scans of the relevant material in those references so you don’t need to track them down yourself. As I write this I don’t know of any advocate for Paleo/low-carb/saturated fat/cholesterol, etc. who has done any of these things with such scale and consistency. In addition, I maintain an active errata page.


None of my arguments are dependent upon my identity or credentials, per se. Surely you have noticed that very often similarly credentialed "experts" in a field can strongly disagree. You also might notice that high-profile commentators on nutrition often opine (sometimes disastrously) on matters far outside their areas of expertise. Appeals to authority get us nowhere so I prefer to discuss evidence. Queries about me imply a desire to distract from the evidence I've presented in these videos. These videos aren't about me. If you believe my anonymity creates a problem then I respectfully suggest that you consider a different perspective. Rather than regard me with suspicion for correcting the false statements of others and providing you with the actual facts free of charge, you might ask yourself why people who profit from their books, affiliations, advocacy, and research should be trusted when I have shown you how poorly researched, illogical, or dishonest their claims are.

Here is a blog or study about which I’d like you to comment.

Chances are I’ve already talked about the substance of whatever you’re reading so please utilize the search function on this site before messaging me. I do not have time to respond to individuals messaging me about whatever interests them at the moment. Time is money and you aren’t paying me. Do send along examples of any arguments you don’t feel I’ve adequately addressed already just in case it’s new to me and interesting enough to be included in future videos.

I’d like to donate to your project.

I very much appreciate messages like this but it serves my purposes best to be transparent about not personally profiting in any way from this project.

Why don’t you allow commenting on your website?

You can comment as much as you like on my YouTube channel. Theirs is a much better system for handling comments than is offered by my web host. Besides, I’m not interested in having comments here. I know that most bloggers allow comments but I consider the nature of my site to be different. Regard each video playlist as a book. Books don’t have comment sections. No book that was the product of considerable thought and effort would be improved by the inclusion of random comments from hostile and poorly informed individuals. Without comments each page here behaves and looks better for the average user and my limited time is not wasted by trolls. I’m paying for this site to put my ideas and work out there for those who are open to it, not to provide yet another platform for low-carb and Paleo foolishness. Unscreened comments are not conducive to serious discourse. Click here for more.

What do you eat? Can I toss some olive oil on my salad? Is it ok to have a teaspoon of sugar in my tea in the morning? How shall I supplement my vegan diet? Here’s a list of nutrients about which I’m concerned at the moment. I have a medical problem. What should I do?

For many reasons I'm not comfortable giving diet advice to individuals. The narrow purpose of my PlantPositive website and YouTube channel is to correct specific falsehoods and flawed arguments that pervade the popular and academic discussion of nutrition. Everything I care to say at the moment about nutrition is now available to you for free through these resources. See the links below for information of this nature.

I like your videos and I’d like to create subtitles for them in my language or post my own translations of your scripts.



Please see my copyright statement. My videos and transcripts are not public domain. I control the copyright for all my work. No one is authorized to reproduce anything of mine without my consent unless under the normal standards for fair use in the United States. If you see my videos or transcripts anywhere beside this site and my YouTube channel, understand that that content is stolen. I do not have the time to add subtitles to my videos.

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